Export Price Indexes for March 2013

The “Import Export Price Indexes for March 2013 was released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showing a decline in exports of  0.4%.  Excluding Agricultural exports, the Export Price Index declined 0.2%.

All Exports: Export prices decreased 0.4 percent in March after rising 0.7 percent in February and 0.4 percent in January.  Lower prices for agricultural and nonagricultural exports each contributed to the March downturn in overall export prices. Led by higher agricultural prices, prices for exports increased 0.3 percent for the March 2012-13 period, the smallest year-over-year advance since September 2012.

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04142013 Import Export Price Index


The Bureau of Labor Statistics breaks this down to the 4 digit Harmonized Tariff Schedule.  Below are a few of the HTS categories to help put this report into perspective based on your specific products.  If you don’t see your HTS category below or would like to see more specific data, please comment below or email me.

Section VI: Products of the Chemical or Allied Industries  -0.5% Decline
Section VII: Plastics and Articles thereof   0.1% Increase
Section XIII: Articles of Stone, Plaster, Cement… ..Glass and Glassware    .01% Increase
Section XV: Base Metals and Articles of Base Metal    – 0.8% Decline
Section XVI: Machinery and Mechanical… …and accessories of such articles.   0.0% No Change
Section XVIII: Optical, Photographic…  …parts and accessories thereof.    -0.3% Decline 
Section XX: Miscellaneous Manufactured Articles.     9.0% No Change 



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