IATA Addresses Priorities for Air Cargo

medium_8386300878The International Air Transportation Association has advised everyone in the Air Cargo supply chain that we need to work together to increase competitiveness. IATA stressed upon safety, security and sustainability for Air Cargo’s future success and growth. We will continue to modernize our processes, strategize to secure the supply chain, and enforce regulations to maintain the highest level of safety.

“Air cargo is vital to the global economy, transporting more than $5 trillion worth of goods annually, or more than a third of world trade by value. And for airlines, it accounts for about 12 percent of industry revenues.”

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This article explains into detail the planned implementations that IATA has for improving the Air Cargo industry. As a member of the Air Cargo supply chain, I would highly recommend reading this article. The article offers a chance to see the big picture of your industry and keeps you well informed.


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