C-TPAT: Reporting Suspicious Activities, Anomalies, and Security Breaches

C-TPATA recent bulletin from C-TPAT [Customs- Trade Partnership Against Terrorism] reminds participants that an integral part of the program is the willingness to share information about potential threats or security breaches within the supply chain.

Through this publication, C-TPAT is highlighting the importance, reminds participants of the requirement, and encourages Partner notification of suspicious activities, anomalies, and security breaches.

C-TPAT states in this bulletin that if a participant reports suspicious activities, anomalies, or security breaches prior to CBP’s discovery, the partner will not be immediately suspended. It also noted that reporting security breaches or suspicions of illegal activity prior to discovery by CBP demonstrates the Partner’s security procedures are functioning.

The bulletin also highlights:

  • Guidance on Reporting Suspicious Activities, Anomalies, and Security Breaches
  • Recommended Practices and Procedures
  • And contact information

To see the bulletin in its entirety


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