Next Phase of Importer Security Filing: Enforcement Process

SFI  - ISFCBP (Customs & Border protection) – Preparation for ISF Liquidated Damages Phase begins next month.

CBP will begin the liquidated damages phase of ISF enforcement on July 9, 2013, adding to the use of manifest holds and non-intrusive inspections to enforce ISF compliance. In order to achieve maximum compliance with the least amount of disruption to the trade and to domestic port operations, CBP has been applying a measured and commonsense approach to enforcement.

Liquidated damages of $5,000 per violation may be issued by CBP for the submission of an inaccurate, incomplete or untimely filing.   Simply, liquidated damages is a penalty secured by a bond.  If goods arrive where an ISF has not been filed, the release or transfer of the cargo may be withheld.  Additionally, cargo could be subject to further inspection upon arrival.

To read the complete article: ISF next phase

For ACE portal accounts: CSMS #13-000298

To read more about ISF, check out this web page on the CBP website: CBP: Security Filing “10 + 2”

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