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Globe-Webinars-2013-smaller for blogIf you want to know more about exporting to the global marketplace, you should check this out.

There are 4 more FREE ‘Go Global Webinars’ in the series. These are sponsored by the Census Bureau partnering with other government agencies.

Here is the list of the remaining ‘Go Global Webinar series’ – with dates [all times are 1-2pm ET] and descriptions:

August 27th – Documentation & Shipping

Easily manage your export reporting by learning  the do’s and don’ts of the Automated Export System (AES). Did you know that you must report information regarding export shipments valued over $2500 (or requiring a license) to the AES. Efficiently manage your export reporting by learning the features and tools of the AES.

September 10th – Understanding export regulations – Foreign Trade Regulations

Save time and money by learning the rules and  responsibilities for all parties involved in an export transaction. You must  follow the Foreign Trade Regulations before you export your goods from the US.  Learn more to avoid common mistakes by making the right decisions regarding  your export shipments from day one.

September 24th – Understanding export regulations – Export Administration Regulations

An essential part of exporting is determining which U.S. export regulation applies to you. While a freight forwarder or delivery service  can point you in the right direction, you are ultimately responsible. This is  your opportunity to learn directly from the experts. The Bureau of Industry and  Security (BIS) regulates the export and re-export of commodities, software, and  technology, commercial and military in nature. Learn more about dual use items,  the Commerce Control List and licensing policies.

October 8th –  Avoiding and Solving Problems—International Trade Administration

Need help  resolving foreign trade barriers or unfair situations in foreign markets?  You can get help directly at the border with  Foreign Service Officers of the Commerce, State, and Agriculture Departments. If you face persistent trade barriers, the Trade  Agreements Compliance Program can quickly pull together teams of experts to  work on the problem.  If you suspect unfair foreign competition on a foreign government procurement, the Advocacy Center can weigh in to help level the playing field.

If you are interested in any of the above webinarslog-in details will be available on this link one week before the event when you click on the course.                 

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