ACE July 8th Post Release Deployment Postponed

ACE - logo--ACE July 8th Post Release Deployment Postponed

CBP is rescheduling the last primary deployment of core trade processing capabilities in ACE which had been scheduled for July 8, 2017. This deployment includes liquidation (with the exception of the previously deployed electronic posting of the Notices of Liquidation on, reconciliation, drawback, duty deferral, collections and the Automated Surety Interface (ASI).

  • We have been conducting ongoing, rigorous testing to ensure these capabilities will operate successfully. Our latest efforts have revealed areas specific to collections that are in need of further testing before these capabilities can be deployed.
  • Consequently, we are postponing the July 8, 2017 deployment, and are in the process of replanning. We will communicate further information as soon as possible.
  • The rescheduled deployment date will be published in a Federal Register Notice at least 30 days in advance of the actual deployment/mandatory transition.

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